Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cassette Review: [ ] "[ ]" (VERYDEEPRECORDS)

[€6 // Edition of 15 //]

One of the things I enjoy about instrumental music is that it can be without an identity in terms of gender or race or anything like that.   If your artist name is "[ ]" then it can be difficult to determine any of those qualities, sort of like that mystery cassette from Kerchow! Records, and I enjoy that aspect of music.   I touched upon gender in music recently in my review of The Submissivies cassette, but it is also fine a lot of the time to just not have to worry about music being defined by such parameters.

This cassette begins with blissful underwater tones.   It's calming and peaceful.    Somehow there is an aquarium sound to it, as I imagine being alone in an aquarium can be rather serene.    Synth lasers shoot their way into the song and then these sort of vocal sounds come out but for all I know they might not even be vocals and just something which kind of sort of sounds like vocals.    There is then this sort of tapping, almost footsteps but more like from a horse than a human foot.   Hue-Glo takes us into swirly whirls and there are computer electronics to finish out the side.

On the flip side we have a sort of video game sound which is just overall fun.   Lasers are fired in the background and then there is almost this carousel/carnival type of feel to it, perhaps more like the Atari game Carnival than any real carnival though.   I recently went to the North Haven Fair and they had a spot where they had games and rides in a "carnival" sense but I didn't go down there, so I might not know what a true carnival sounds like anyway.    Through looping it can also have a television theme song feel and overall this one is just something seemingly so simple on the surface but so complex underneath that you can just keep hearing differences every time you listen to it.

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