Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cassette Review: Beachers "I Wanna Be Your Wall" (czaszka (rec.))

[£5 // Edition of 40 // https://czaszka.bandcamp.com/album/i-wanna-be-your-wall]

It's been about two years since I last heard Beachers, on their "Pretend" cassette which at the time was on a label called Jehu & Chinaman though it would eventually shorten its name to J&C and is, sadly, no longer active.    But two years is a long time and a lot of things can happen.   Back then, I had the photos of the cassette on a blue background, so there's that.  (And, yes, I've often thought of going back and using different backgrounds for different batches of reviews like I used to do once so long ago)

"I Wanna Be Your Wall" opens with bliss tone skips.   These tones become added in, within loops, and they have a xylophone feel to them because that's really the only instrument I can ever relate them to though I know it probably isn't the correct one.   There are these wavy sounds which could be strings, a violin perhaps, and this all comes together, piece by piece, to create the first part of this movement on Side A.

1980's synth comes out next and it reminds me of a cop movie from that time but isn't quite along the same lines as "Miami Vice".   Perhaps I need to re-watch the "Police Academy" series.    Within this portion comes a drone siren which is an interesting addition to the synth-bass-funk.    This all switches over into a quiet sound of footsteps and it being slightly windy, which could be a field recording in some way.

Guitars and birds bring out an ambient chill feel.   Electronic scales and sort of vocals give off a robotic vibe to end the first side.    Loops, which make me feel like we're going up and down, followed by dreamy echoes and finally the feeling of floating on light clouds take us to the end of Side B and the cassette as a whole.    Though I won't officially check the numbers on Bandcamp, there is a feeling like Side A is longer than Side B even though there are two songs on Side A and three on Side B.   (Though of course that can all be traced back to the length of each song as there have been cassettes where one song is as long as three combined)

Through the electronics and chill, Beachers has made a cassette which seems to be a two year follow up to the last time I heard them but I just hope that it won't take me as long to hear them again.    There is an album from 2015 on their Bandcamp called "Cracks"- which I will now be listening to- so they have been putting out something new every year I just haven't been staying on top of it with notifications and the such though now I will as you should as well.

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