Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Elite Then Now Forever Tyler Breeze (Mattel) [Figure # 139]

Back when we learned of our first Tyler Breeze figure I was so excited just to find him at Walgreens because I never did see him any other time at mass retail.   At that point, Tyler Breeze went up to the main roster to be seemingly buried and it seemed less and less likely we'd be able to get more figures of him.   I stood firm on the idea though that we would eventually get an Elite version just because I felt like molding a selfie stick was something Mattel would be into.   So once Mattel created this "TNF" line they found a way to put an Elite Tyler Breeze into it- as he is compared on the back of the box to Shawn Michaels- and so it all worked out in the end.

I will not deny my love for the first Tyler Breeze action figure, but this Elite is superior to it if only because he has that seapunk blue color scheme going on and he comes with the vest and selfie stick, something the previous figure felt naked without.   Obviously the Elite articulation is a nice touch as well, so you can better pose him for those selfies, but Tyler Breeze is just one of those characters that if we never got him as an Elite and with these accessories I'd be upset (Someone such as, say, Zack Ryder I could go without his accessories, even though I don't have a figure of him)

Being a Walmart exclusive has made this figure hard for some people to find.   He is in a series with The Rock, Rusev and Bam Bam Bigelow, but this is the only figure from this particular set that I want (I passed on the Bam Bam-- I just didn't like the way it looked for whatever reason)   I was visiting Walmart after Walmart because they had the newest Battle Packs and lots of everyone except Enzo & Cass, so in hoping to find them I was also hoping to find this series and Paige as a Zombie.

The first time I went to my closest Walmart they had Rusev from this series but he was opened and his accessories were gone.   Then, a week later they had The Rock and he was missing his chair.   So we went to a different Walmart- in Bristol- that same day and found three of the Enzo & Cass Battle Packs.   I thought it must be my lucky day because I was beginning to think I'd have to wait until they hit Target to find them, if that ever even happened.   The Bristol Walmart is kind of going through a remodel, so on the main floor there were a ton of unopened boxes of toys.   Sure enough, I see one that says "WWE TNF Elite" and it was a box of 8.

Gina told me not to open it because I wasn't supposed to or whatever, but I don't follow the rules and I couldn't risk not seeing this set again.   Plus I knew two Tyler Breeze figures meant I could pick the better looking of the two in terms of paint.   When I opened the case I found that the two Tyler Breeze figures were on the absolute bottom and then I had trouble getting all of the figures back inside but I left a Rock out hoping someone might see it and buy it.

The way I look at it is like this: If I hadn't seen that box, I never would have opened it.   And then Walmart would have been out $20.   But, I basically made a sale for Walmart by opening that box and potential future sales for others who will likely take from that same box before those figures ever reach the pegs.   Also, I was expecting the Tyler Breeze figure to ring up "not on file" or something similar, but he came up like a regular Elite so since he was in their system I don't think what I did was wrong.   Hell, I should have bought the other Tyler Breeze for one of my homies on the Wrestling Figs boards, but that's just not my style.

There is a Basic Tyler Breeze scheduled to come out soon enough and I do hope to find him at mass retail.   Though I also hope to find a case of the Zombie figures at mass retail so I can get Paige.   I'd really like to see a Tyler Breeze/Jushin Liger Battle Pack but I doubt that would happen for licensing reasons.   The same way I mentioned Zack Ryder before (who I'll likely only buy now in a Battle Pack with Mojo Rawley) I think that Tyler Breeze also needs a Battle Pack with Fandango, as that will likely be our way to finally get a Fandango figure.    I just feel like this is one of those scenarios where if you like Tyler Breeze you should obviously buy this figure of him so long as you can find it.

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