Monday, August 1, 2016

Professional Wrestling Review: You Can't CWC Me! - Week 3 Review

Official WWE Results:

Match One: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Tyson Dux

Tyson Dux has been around for a long time and if you had him against anyone else in this tournament I might say that he had a chance to win-- being a known name by me at least-- but, when you put him against a man who is definitely going to the finals of this tournament and possibly even winning it... Yeah.   You know Dux is losing this one and it just becomes a matter of this being a good match rather than any suspense as to who might win.   It was a good showcase for ZSJ, who some WWE fans might be seeing for the first time.   I just imagine Tyson Dux getting the call and being excited about being in the tournament and then realizing he's not making it out of the first round when he finds out who his opponent is.    With the Cruiserweight Division coming to Raw though, maybe WWE will offer Dux a deal finally.

Match Two: Harv Sihra vs. Drew Gulak

If WWE was going to bring in the Bollywood Boyz, shouldn't they do so as a tag team?  It kind of makes you feel like you know who's going to win here.   I really liked that the crowd tried to get a "Catch Point" chant going here.   Drew Gulak has a more mat-based style of wrestling, as he is a grappler (Really, he's a lot of what The Vaudevillains are trying to do only without the gimmickery) and it was just fun to see that from him as well as from the technical ZSJ in the match prior to this.    It's a good reminder that this isn't the Flippy-Jumpy Tournament and that even so someone might be smaller (a cruiserweight) they can still make the big guys tap-- which UFC taught us when it first debuted six hundred years ago.   Drew Gulak is some sort of dark horse to win this whole thing and I'm just such a fan of Drew Gulak.

Match Three: Tony Nese vs. Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett is in no way related to Mike Bennett because Anthony Bennett looks more like Kid from Kid N Play and he even has a second pair of sunglasses on top of his hair.   I'm not sure why, but to me Anthony Bennett feels like he should be in PWG.   Still, Tony Nese comes from EVOLVE and is among the best in the world today and I hadn't heard of Anthony Bennett before this tournament, so... It's obvious who wins, right?   Tony Nese is moving on and he is yet another name which could be WWE bound sooner rather than later.

Match Four: Brian Kendrick vs. Raul Mendoza

You know, I actually like that both Tajiri and Kendrick have won their first round matches and are moving on.    At first I thought they might just be used to put guys over in the first round because someone going into the second round with a win over Brian Kendrick or Tajiri.   In any case, I would say that without a doubt, as of right now, this very moment, Raul Mendoza is one of the guys that I didn't know about prior to this tournament but am most impressed with while watching this tournament.    Brian Kendrick is moving on but I hope that WWE does sign Raul Mendoza or I at least see more of him in promotions outside of WWE after this because he just really won me over as a fan.   Consider me a Raul Mendoza fan right now.  I am in-- I am way in.

During the course of this week, Ric Flair interviewed himself on his own podcast (?) and said that he wished Roman Reigns had defeated Finn Balor on Monday because small guys like Finn Balor would never headline Wrestlemania.    As much as WWE seems to be taking steps forward with this CWC, it then seems to take steps back when guys like Ric Flair say completely ignorant things such as this.    Granted, you could argue that someone like Shawn Michaels or Daniel Bryan could have proven what Ric Flair said to just be utterly ridiculous, but at the same time, if Ric Flair doesn't see the potential in Finn Balor headlining Wrestlemania one day (Against someone like John Cena, maybe even Shinsuke Nakamura, I don't know, Brock Lesnar even) then Ric Flair should really just get out of the wrestling business because obviously the time has passed him by and he is not keeping up with it.    Yes, I've been a fan of Ric Flair since the first time I saw him in a match, but this statement by him has made me lose a lot of respect for him because you can't just keep living in the past and it's the same type of mentality Vince McMahon has where you have to have a certain look to be a professional wrestler and that is simply outdated.  

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