Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CD Review: Jack Hardy "For The Sake Of Finding Your Clothes" (Custom Made Music)

[$10 // http://custommademusicva.com/release/for-the-skae-of-finding-your-clothes-cdcassette/]

The first time that I heard Jack Hardy was on cassette and I will admit that hearing him for the second time on compact disc does make a difference.   Granted, I have the same set up for my cassettes and compact discs (and records for that matter) so they all come out of the same speakers, even though I can listen to CDs through my laptop but the speakers aren't as good that way.   The thing that makes the CDs different from cassettes- as much as it pains me to admit it- is that I can listen to CDs in my car and I cannot listen to cassettes there.    This is just better for that overall surround sound feel.

Listening to "For The Sake Of Finding Your Clothes" in the car can demonstrate how truly loud it is.    You never have to wonder about whether or not people outside of your car can hear the music because you know that with levels like this they obviously can.   It's got that distorted quality to it but it also just makes me think of an artist cranking their guitar amp up and letting it blare.

From combinations of the Flaming Lips only faster paced, Wheatus, High Pop / Buddy Holly, Weezer / the Angus soundtrack to Alexei Shishken, this is just one of those infectious albums I simply cannot get enough of whenever I put it on.   It could be called fuzzy psych pop, sure, but what it comes down to really is that I know it goes under some "pop" genre just not "pop punk" or "pop rock", so the best way to describe it is noise pop and, well, it doesn't really get much better than this.

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