Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cassette Review: Nicole Kidman "Project Sadness" (Kerchow! Records)

[$5 // Edition of 100 // https://kerchowrecords.bandcamp.com/album/project-sadness]

Nicole Kidman has been around for a while and I feel like there are cassettes (and even records!) out there in a lot of places which make it hard to keep up unless you're this true die-hard fan and want to perhaps murder someone in their sleep to get that out of print cassette from years and years ago.   But this cassette is actually a tribute of sorts to Nicole Kidman, though it appears as if it is less than a "We're making this cassette for you" and more of a "We're making this cassette *with* you" type of deal.

Morgue Toad, Math, Casey Chisholm and Restaurnaut all appear on here in some capacity and, I mean, this just seems to have a very specific niche of people it will cater to but isn't that what you should like best about it?   Obviously if you're a huge fan of Nicole Kidman you will listen to this because there is still some of that Nicole Kidman involvement in it rather than it just being a straight out covers cassette.   But then if you are also a fan of any of these other artists who take part (or more than one of them) then you should be listening to this as well.

It's kind of fun that both File Island and Suzy's Dead cover the song "Obsess".    Do you think we could get twenty different artists to cover that song and create a cassette called "Obsessed With Nicole Kidman"?   I'd actually be down to listen to that, if the artists each gave it their own sort of take, and both File Island and Suzy's Dead did that here.    I also will likely never grow tired of hearing people sing about how life really sucks and so if you have that same shared apathy to life in general then this cassette is definitely for you.   I think this cassette would do fans of Nicole Kidman justice while at the same time perhaps winning over fans who hadn't yet heard of Nicole Kidman but were fans of another artist on here.   It just functions on so many levels, yet is so specific, that is becomes hard to avoid.

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