Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Then Now Forever 2016 Sin Cara (Mattel) [Figure # 105]

If you're keeping track of all the figures that Mattel has made for Sin Cara then you would know that this figure- by my count- has him at a total of eleven different color schemes.   Now, if you want to get into further detail, there are technically duplicates you could count as two, as his first blue and gold outfit was released in both Basic and Elite articulation, but I'm going more based upon the paint than the articulation.    Of the eleven Sin Cara figures out there by Mattel, this marks number five for us and so we need another six to catch them all.    It breaks down like this, in no real order:

1) Blue and Gold (First version, both Elite and Basic exist but we have the Elite)
2) White and Gold (Ala Mistico.  We don't have him this way other than as a 12" but would like to one day as an Elite or Basic and I believe both exist)
3) Red and White (Exists as both Elite and Basic, have as Basic from set with Scooby Doo)
4) Purple and Gold (One of the newer Sin Cara figures as it features the tattoos.  We do have this one and it was a Basic only)
5) Pink (Basic only.   Do not have)
6) Red/White/Green (Elite only.  Do not have)
7) Green Speckled (Elite only.  Do not have)
8) White and Light Blue (Came in a Battle Pack with Rey Mysterio.   Do not have)
9) Yellow/Orange ~ish (Basic only from Battle Pack with Alberto Del Rio.   Do not have)
10) Black / Hunico (Basic only.  We do have it)

I'm hoping that the release of this Sin Cara and the upcoming yellow and black version of him doesn't mean we won't get one split between the original gold and blue and the white and gold ala Mistico.   But, I suppose there are enough Sin Cara looks out there that we simply cannot have them all.    This is one of the Sin Cara looks I was hoping for, as it was prior to the Lucha Dragons (I believe) and Sin Cara was in this weird place frequenting Main Event and Superstars.

If you do a google search for the images though, the actual outfit this is based on (I believe it to be based on at least) has much darker red boots, but I do like how bright these are and the way they work with the other colors so I'm willing to let it slide this one time.    I do feel, though, after the next Sin Cara single release Basic figure (yellow and black) we might not get any more Sin Cara figures for a while unless they match with Kalisto, which I'm also fine with because I'm a fan of Lucha Dragons.   (Though there is a yellow version of Kalisto that could go with this if Mattel makes it)

Though it stands right now that Lucha Dragons are rumored to be an upcoming Battle Pack, I would break my rules of buying tag team partners by themselves and get both Sin Cara and Kalisto as Elite figures if released in the same series in matching Lucha Dragon outfits.

I'm not sure what the idea is behind this "Then Now Forever" series.   Sin Cara just seems to be in here with Seth Rollins, who I guess has come from The Shield to being on his own, and then there is Chris Jericho who is in this set as well and has his short hair scan so I'm not sure what's going on exactly.   Seems like a missed opportunity for a Basic flashback Jericho, but what do I know?  I just buy the figures I like.

We saw this Sin Cara figure once before this and passed on it, but when we did I kind of felt badly about it but thought we'd be seeing it a lot more than we did, giving us other chances to buy it which we didn't get.    Seeing it for the second time I knew I wasn't going to repeat my mistake from last time and we kind of had to get it to go with our Sin Cara collection.   (Which I also search eBay to try and complete for the right price)

Worth noting is that a large factor in wanting to buy this figure as well is that he comes with an extra mask which has been on everyone from Dean Ambrose to the new movie version of the Kraang since we got it.    Even though Quentin prefers that Dean Ambrose wears it for some reason, I still like putting it on Sami Zayn with the storyline being that Sami Zayn has fallen so low in his losing ways that he is now training under the wisdom of Sin Cara and is going by the name "Sin Cara Jr."     Hey, stranger things have happened in WWE.

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