Friday, May 6, 2016

Critté & The Borzoi [Interview # 193]

1) For a while in the beginning there I was having trouble with the name.   is there any easy way to remember it or does it just have to grow on you?  I bet people spell it wrong a lot too.

And, pronounce it wrong constantly! Critté, for us, stemmed from the word “critter.” We also thought is sounded a little foreign, like some lost latin name no one uses anymore. Coming up with this little girls name was also an homage to the company Critter and Guitari. Their instrument Pocket Piano GR is the synth we used for our recordings and live shows. One of our most prized possessions that also appears in the comic book as a magical teleportation devise. Fuck it, we’ll write a theme song pronouncing the bands name.

2) I am partial to cassettes, so I appreciate that "Stuart's Cove" is available as such.   In terms of packaging though, it feels like this is something that could have come with a 7" and then the comic book would have gone in the sleeve with the record.   I remember comic books being paired with records by major publishers either before I was born or just too young to remember.   Had there been ideas of a record or other format or was it always just cassette?

Yes, we have  talked about it, but we have not yet made plans to press a record for Stuart’s Cove. We were thinking about adding digital download loads for our next batch of the EP tapes coming out. We already have sold of our first batch. We have discussed this for our full length that we are almost finished writing. We will have the Stuarts Cove plus additional content to add to the comic. This is a lovely idea we have been wanting to make every time we put out any physical media.

3) As many artists as make music there is such a small percentage of them that create a comic book to go along with the music.   How did that decision come about and what was the process of creating the two together like? 

Bradley Wilkinson originally sketched the comic book out as a storyboard mapping out the music video for Stuart’s Cove. The plan was to make an animated version of it, this was before we figured costs, time, and crew into things. Right now, the easiest thing for us to do was convert it into a comic. Eventually, we would like to animate it, but for now we are happy with the comic tape combo.

4) What were/are some of your favorite comic books?

Megahex - simon hanselmann, Stink Helmet - otto splotch, ghost world - daniel clowes, Here - Richard Miguire, Maus - art speigelman, urban hipster -greg stump/david lasky, The Humans -tom neely/keenan marshal keller, demongod goblin heaven - jess balmer/jonny negron, eateateat -tom van deusen, The intruder - Max Clotfelter , Marie Hausauer, Maakie -Tony Millionaire,  Perry Bible Fellowship - Nicholas Gurewitch

5) If you could do the art and/or write for any current comic book character out there right now, who would you choose and why?

I think it would be for Simon Hangman for Megahex, because i think it is one of the coolest, most degenerate, funniest comic out there right now.

6) "Stuart's Cove" is a mainly silent comic book.   Are there plans on creating one with dialogue?

We are planning on adding dialogue for the next comic we are creating, hopefully seeing Critté growing into being a teenager/adult. We plan on using more adult themes and dialogue, but not go too far off the edge. (hopefully) 

7) With the comic book and accompanying music would there be plans for an animated venture of "Stuart's Cove" or even something else?

As mention above we would love to animated Stuart’s Cove. We just haven’t found the right team that can do it here in Seattle. We have been really busy writing songs and getting shows to play. We have both talked about making this a series, but we would need the perfect team and to figure out the funding of it all. 

8) Whose idea was it to put the music on the flip side of the cassettes backwards like Judas Priest? 

We thought it would provide a nice ambient alternative to the pop songs on side 1. I have always liked listening to songs in reverse, there is something dreaming and haunting about it. I like thinking that you can listen to it all the way forward and all the way backwards, and it almost seems like a never ending loop in time.  (Oh, and we love the dark lord!)

9) Final thoughts, shout outs, questions, etc... ?? 

We have a comic book drink and draw every second Tuesday at revolver, Bradley has been secretly working on personal animation for a couple of years, and keep a look out for Hector DJing under name Hexboyfriend around the Seattle area. Also, hector is in another project called “Scarves,” as well as a solo project her is creating called “Haunt Mood.”

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