Thursday, April 7, 2016

Television Review: Baskets Season 1 (FX)

I watched these first ten episodes of "Baskets" over the course of two days.    The first time- in the late afternoon- I watched the first two episodes and then later on that night the next three.   The following night I watched the final five.    There is just something addictive about this show.   I put it on, knowing that it's roughly 21 minutes per episode, but it is seemingly over before I know it and I'm onto the next one before I even know what time it is.

I'm not sure what it is that I like the most about "Baskets".   Is it that the main character- Chip Baskets- not only wants to be a clown but went to France to study as such?  Is it that Chip Baskets has a twin brother named Dale or that their mom is played by Louie Anderson.    On top of that, Chip has an insurance agent who seemingly becomes his friend throughout the show, driving him to the rodeo where he acts as a rodeo clown, but Chip always gets upset with her for the strangest reasons.   (Such as telling her to stop shouting when she's talking at a quieter than normal tone)

On top of that, Chip has a wife who came from France to California with him and told him it was a green card marriage but he is still trying to make it work.    Even after his mother has her sent back to France, Chip still thinks he can somehow make it work.    That and there are more than a few references to Arby's in this show- which I also keep seeing commercials for on Hulu, so I gave in and went there for which I blame this show.

Even though I feel like someone on Facebook, possibly Derek Rogers, turned me onto this show I just can't stop watching it and despite my having just finished these ten episodes and my having other shows to watch I am going to go back and watch them again to see what little bits I might have missed the first time around.    My best way to describe this show is simply to tell you to take a good, long, hard look at yourself in the mirror.    Think to yourself "This is the worst that it can get.   Years from now, I'll look back and say, 'When things were worse back then' and the such"

But the truth is no matter how often you think that, things are only going to get slightly better before they get worse again.    "Baskets" shows you that, but it also shows you with some dark sense of humor.   What's that saying about there being no difference between a comedy and a tragedy, that it's only a matter of timing?   This show is the epitome of all that is funny and how funny television should be right now.   Consider me hooked.

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