Friday, October 30, 2015

Toy Review: Dinoco Lightning McQueen + Kevin Racingtire + Flo + Color Changing Ramone / Cars (Mattel)

We went on a small burst of Disney Cars toys when we found a new series at Walmart.   This new set included Kevin Racingtire who, no, I do not remember from the movies but liked because of his pink and yellow paint job.  I like to think of him as strawberry lemonade and that's possibly as good a reason as any to add him to your collection.   Plus, he is a racing car and you can seemingly never have too many of those if you're going to, you know, have your cars race around outside of Radiator Springs.

In addition to this we picked up another Lightning McQueen car but this time he is blue and based upon how he imagined he would look when he won the Piston Cup and got sponsored by Dinoco.   Now if you've seen the first "Cars" movie you'll know that didn't happen but it was at least a daydream sequence of sorts in the movie and so this particular color scheme does make sense and was seen on the big screen.   It is also our second Lightning McQueen car to not be red and I think at this point we're only going to start buying versions of him which are not red.  Black seems like a nice way to go with him next.  (Sorry, "determined Lightning McQueen")

Flo and Ramone are two characters we needed to fill out our Radiator Springs roster still.  They do come together in a two pack but for some reason I've found that the single Cars can be closer to the $3 mark while the two packs can be closer to the $7 mark and as such it is better in terms of money to buy two single carded Cars than a two pack.   So we found the single carded Flo first and started with her.   Then we ended up getting a color changing Ramone since we couldn't decide on a color for him to be this just felt like the best idea.

Now when we got the color changing Ramone at Target he was on sale so it worked out but you are going to expect to pay a little bit more for him since he changes colors.   This also comes with the fact that he has a different feel to him than the other Cars toys.  His coat doesn't seem to be as glossy and shiny as those which do not change colors.  There is also a certain weight to him.   I realize that the normal Cars toys might not be made out of actual metal, such as a car itself would be, but they do have that feel to them where they have some weight behind them.   Ramone is a bit lighter, as if plastic and not metal, and you can definitely feel it when you pick him and another car up at the same time.

For all of the Disney Cars toys we have, I could tell right away with Ramone just out of habit.   The only thing I can really relate it to is how Hot Wheels cars feel when you buy them in the store and then how their counterparts feel when they come from a McDonald's Happy Meal.   I realize this was done so Ramone could change color though and so I am fine with it as he isn't really a racing car anyway so his weight doesn't matter so much.  What matters is that he can look pretty and he does.

We're slowly reaching the point where we have all of the characters in Radiator Springs.  At one point- back when we bought Lizzie- we had seen Red in stores and now we don't see him as much anymore.   But I do believe Red is the only character we really need to complete our Radiator Springs set up and then in the grand scheme of things it would be nice to have Mack at least if we don't get into too many of the other characters like DJ and Snot Rod.    I feel like a third "Cars" movie was rumored at some point, but what if we find Red and a Mack we want?  Will we be done collecting Disney Cars toys?   Sure, we'll still go down the aisle, but will we not dig through the pegs?   Only time will tell.

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