Friday, July 24, 2015

Toy Review: Starscream + Autobot Springer + Jetfire / Transformers Mashers (Hasbro)

For as long as I'd been watching the Marvel line of Mashers I'd been watching the Transformers one as well.   These two actually go together unlike the Power Rangers one which is out there and even the WWE one which just came out more recently.   Yes, the Jurassic World dinosaurs could go in here as well but that just seems weird to me.   Why is it that a toy line can include robots and dinosaurs and that isn't at all weird, but the idea of putting in female characters is?  I mean, how much bigger would you really have to make someone like Elektra compared to Spider-Man or Deadpool?   And don't get me started on She-Hulk.    Anyway, yes, I've been aware of this line as well as the Marvel one but was just always more interested in the Marvel characters the Mashers had to offer.

We had reached a stagnant point where we had about everyone we wanted from the Marvel Mashers line and were just waiting for Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Ant-Man to make their way into stores.    And then we went to our local Target and saw these.   Each of these Mashers was on clearance for $5.14.   They were the only three characters and I only left one duplicate behind.   I'm not sure why they were on clearance exactly but it might have had something to do with the fact that Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron and even Soundwave weren't here anymore.  I like to think of it as them trying to push out the lesser characters, something I wish they'd do with their WWE figures.

In any case, when using the Mashers coupons I have (which work for Marvel and Transformers) I was able to get these three for $5.14 each and then $8 off of that (plus 5% with the Target Red Card)  So these came out to being about $7 in total, which is something like $2 and change, but even if we say $2.50 a piece it was a price I simply could not beat.   Do I know who any of these characters are?  Only Starscream.   I'm not sure who the other two are.  But they look like old school Transformers and I like that.   And their parts can be mixed up with each other and then with the Marvel figures as well.   And, no, I would not have bought these as Transformers toys had they not been Mashers.

So two out of the three come with the same jetpack (though one has a bit of red on it #shaunofthedead) and the other comes with a gun, but does it even matter?   For two bucks I would have bought three more Spider-Mans just so I could have created an army of Spider-Man and put different heads on them to do just that.   Plus the idea of these guys as robots mashing with the Marvel characters is kind of cool to me.  Well, much better than the idea of dinosaurs.

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