Friday, July 24, 2015

Cassette Review: Stay At Home Dad // Futo Split Cassette

[$10 // Edition of 10 //]

Both sides of this cassette look the same except they are different colors.   In the picture on the Stay At Home Dad Bandcamp page the cover of the same name is with the side that is colored closer to green (Aqua? Teal?) while the other side is a purple color that I might call plum.   The cassette was rewound to the purple side which I had to assume was Futo and as I pressed play on the sample tracks on the Bandcamp page I confirmed my belief.    A little "F" on one side and "S" on the other could have solved some problems for me much easier but I'm still not too bothered by having to figure these things out.

Futo begins with that drum machine whistle sound which goes into something between dreamwave/synth/pop/vaporwave and you can interchange any of those tags to create something new if you really want to, I suppose.    Through R&B and soul come some video game sounding UPs and this could just as easily be considered instrumental hip-hop.    Drum machine beats bring out sonar dings and I do also think of this as just some great form of electronica.     At some point, that audio clip comes out of the guy from Smash Mouth dropping some f-bombs at a family function because people were throwing bread at him and I don't care, I still think that it's funny.    Curious tones bring about spoken words and I like to think of this as some modern version of The Beats.   A crazy, 1980's television theme song comes on next and the side ends with speaking and synth, going back to my Beats idea.

Stay At Home Dad begins with dreamy synth whirrs and video game trill.   There are beats, lullaby tones (Yes, really) and tone loops on the whole which have these wahm-wahm-wahm style of synth.    These two artists are similar in the sense that you could put them in any of the same categories and I'm not sure which one to put them in myself actually, but Stay At Home Dad does have a certain glo-fi quality to it.    Without the audio clips, Stay At Home Dad does create something a bit more serious but that isn't to say that Futo should be discredited in any way-- it just helps the two sides to stand apart from each other, though musically they could be connected.

Somewhere deep down inside me I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to use that Smash Mouth audio clip in their music.   I remember that one guy from the Seattle Seahawks was mad in an audio clip that became somewhat famous and by the next day it was already in a song on Bandcamp, though only digitally.   So to hear this on cassette is kind of cool because I do remember back when that came about as a trend and people had their own opinions, though for me it's still funny because it's the guy from Smash Mouth.

Without writing an essay as to why throwing bread at the guy from Smash Mouth is okay, I will say that these are two pieces of music tied together by similar elements yet separated by different moods on some other level and if you like one side then, yes, you will also like the other.   This split is just so much fun I don't even know how else to describe it.   If we had an awards show (With how many times I type that I think perhaps we should) this would be in serious consideration for the best split I've heard this year if not ever.

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