Thursday, July 16, 2015

Toy Review: Heavy Metal Lightning McQueen + Rocky & Eddie + Lizzie / Cars (Mattel)

Another trip to another Walmart and look what I found.    Both Lightning McQueen and Rocky & Eddie come from the "Heavy Metal Mater" Cars Toon/Mater's Tall Tales and it gives me hope that the other characters- or versions of characters- from the Cars Toons will come back around again in toy form as well.   I know a lot of people already have them, some might have even already donated them to Savers as their kids outgrew them, but my son is just getting into them now so I'd be pleased to see the re-releases for his collection.

While these are sold in two different packages they are three of perhaps the most detailed and genuinely unique Cars toys that have been created thus far.   As far as I can tell from the back of the package there is no actual Heavy Metal Mater to go along with these, though there might have been at some point and that particular toy might even return some time (Or if it never existed be made for the first time)   I saw a display at Walmart as well which said to look for new Cars toys every month so I suppose every month we go to Walmart now will be a new adventure to see who they've made this time.

As for Lizzie, she is also one of the most interesting styles of cars from this line of toys simply because everyone else has those round edges to them (Yes, even Doc) and Lizzie is like a box.   I actually really like the character of Lizzie in the movies and she has one of those personalities that grows on you the more you watch the movies as well.    Since I like to pair everyone up in Radiator Springs (Which has its downfalls because Lightning McQueen goes with both Mater and Sally), I do need to eventually get the vehicle I consider to be paired with Lizzie and that is Red, the firetruck.

So the list of Radiator Springs characters needed shortens by the week now.   Sheriff needs to go with Doc Hudson, Flo and Ramone go together (I'm tempted to buy them in the two pack ala Sally & Lightning) and then Red goes with Lizzie and Radiator Springs will be looking good.   Then we just hope for Mater's Tall Tales characters to be made in toy form and maybe one day buy that classic Hudson Hornet from Toys R Us.

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