Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Record Review: Callado "Firefly EP" (Sweet Sounds Records)

[SOLD OUT // Edition of 300 //]

When I reviewed the "Lights Out EP" by Callado I chose to listen to it before this EP simply because it was on cassette and this is on a record.    I realize that most people probably don't care, but the way my music set up currently is I have several different tape decks positioned throughout my apartment, allowing me to listen to cassettes nearly whenever and wherever I want when I'm inside (Which is most of the time)  This is simply because I listen to cassettes the most.   I only have one means of playing records and it often goes unplugged- since I don't use it a lot- and records are only put on at what I consider to be special times, where as cassettes are on most all the time.

It is worth noting (Though this isn't really placing blame or anything like that) though that having a three year old makes it harder to play records.   I've got him set up with how to play cassettes no problem, so when he is a little bit older my record listening will most likely increase because a lot of it will be teaching him and just having him experience vinyl-- something he does to a small extent in his life right now but will ultimately- hopefully- become a big part of his life.   I also hope to one day move from this apartment into a house and then have a den/music listening room which can make it easier to keep records and the record player out of his reach because sometimes it does feel a bit cramped in this apartment.

So if you're into chronological order and all that this EP- "Firefly"- came first and then it was "Lights Out".   Oh, but there was also one in between there called "Cocktail Party Effect", which was released on cassette but is currently sold out.   This record is also sold out, but the music is still there on their Bandcamp to stream and download.   Strange how their first release was vinyl and then two cassettes after that, but I'm not complaining because I just like physical media.

"Firefly" (Which is a great show, by the way-- had to get that out of my system) begins with a song that has some sort of chamber music feel to it and also brings out the Illegal Wiretaps during their songs with vocals.   This goes into a second song with a toy piano sound, Rush/"Tom Sawyer"-like synth, steady beats and vocals which are somewhat screamed in a step up on the Talking Heads "Same As It Ever Was" song.   If you actually read the lyrics to "Eradication Erection" you'll see it has that "This is not my beautiful house / This is not my beautiful wife"/"Now you might ask yourself" feel as he says things about vanity and wondering when he can finally get a turn in the bathroom to brush his teeth.   I feel your pain.   Oh, I do.

The third song really serves more as an introduction to the fourth, in my mind, and both are instrumental.   There is a ringing guitar, steady drums and just this build to it as if you're creeping up on someone.    The fifth song reminds me of The Cancer Conspiracy as it has uplifting pianos to begin but then there are spoken words which do turn into vocals.   The words come out like a cross between They Might Be Giants and Modest Mouse only if they were also in a church choir.    It all comes to a close with bass notes, echoing vocals and a trippy Willy Wonka feel.   On one hand, I feel like we're walking a tightrope and about to fall off at any second.    With crashes come distorted guitar riff mayhem.

None of these songs is really that similar except for how three goes into four, but when you listen to them in a row they have this greater vibe that somehow pulls them together and makes me feel like they are connected.  Let's put it this way: if you played me one of these songs on Monday, I'd like it.   Then if you played me a different song on Tuesday, I'd still like it but I'd not be convinced it was by the same artist you played a song for me by on Monday.   Yet, somehow, through some sort of magic, listening to these songs consecutively brings them together.    It's definitely something worth listening to even if you can only download it now.

Perhaps there will be a repressing one day, but who knows.   What I do know for sure is that as I type this, the "Lights Out EP" only has two copies left (!!!) and it's going for $5 for the cassette and $3 for the digital.   If you happen to download this and like it- and I think you will- I suggest sending some money Callado's way.   I'd say no less than $3, but $4 or $5 seems much more fitting.

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