Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Poema [Interview # 187]

Poema is comprised of sisters Elle and Shealeen Puckett.  E = Elle, S = Shealeen.   "Pretty Speeches" will be available on July 10th, 2015.  

(1) I actually have two sisters, one older and one younger than me (I
am the middle child, yes) and I can't really imagine them being part
of a musical act together.   What is it like being sisters as opposed
to having a bandmate who is only your friend or just willing to carry
around all the drums?  Do you think it has made the process of
creating music together easier or harder?  I know a lot of bands can
have issues and fire members but it'd be hard to fire your sister,

S: Exactly. When you work with family, there’s just such a different
dynamic. You have to get along. We always find a way to work together
though, even when we’re driving each other insane.

(2) Your music has this sense of pop to it that I can't compare with
other artists, but when I listened to it for the first time I kept
expecting it to kick into something like Kelly Clarkson (Though being
from Nashville perhaps I should say Shania Twain) or some kind of
radio hit of that nature that I really prefer not to listen to if I
don't have to, but then on the second listen through and so on I
obviously lost that notion and just relaxed and enjoyed it.   Was it a
conscious decision to take it only so far in terms of pop but not
cross any lines into becoming full fledged pop music?

E: It’s the kind of music we’re into. we like to keep it understated,
some of the best artistry I’ve seen has been communicated in holding
back and having great dynamics. knowing when to stop is a life long
learning process i think..

(3) Your new EP "Pretty Speeches" will be self released.    You've
previously released music on Tooth & Nail.  Why did you leave them?

S: Yes and yes! We have nothing but respect for T&N, it was just time
to move forward. Being an independent band has been a really
challenging but extremely rewarding experience.

(4) Do you feel that artists these days need record labels or do you
feel like they are more of a hindrance?

E: it depends on the record label. it’s a partnership and if both
parties contribute, then it works. if one party relies on the other to
make it work, it tends to be more difficult.

(5) The title "Pretty Speeches" makes me think this EP would be
instrumental or close to it but it is not.   Do you think that there
should be a better genre name for music that is mostly instrumental
but has a few lyrics here and there?   Have you ever considered doing
an instrumental album (even just by removing vocals from one of your
existing ones) because I think it would be great for babies and
younger children?   "Madeline" for instance has a great lullaby
quality to it.

S: Haha no, we’ve never thought about that. Maybe we’ll release a
lullaby album one day, who knows..

(6) I feel like there is a heavy 1980's/1990's influence on the
"Pretty Speeches" EP, like maybe something along the lines of Sophie
B. Hawkins or something I would have bought on cassingle back then.
Have you ever considered releasing a cassingle?

E: i’d love that. having something physical is worth so much more these days.

(7) Is the song "Forget You In LA" centered around forgetting someone
in Los Angeles a reflection of that being great or terrible?

S: That’s open to interpretation I suppose. Maybe a little bit of
both. it’s about wanting to run away and not deal with things.

(8) You have a collection of holiday themed songs called "Once A Year"
and I've always kind of felt like music was timeless but also should
be able to be played any time of the year.   Do you find it strange
that we don't really listen to holiday music in the summer but could
listen to, say, "Sing It Now"?  (Granted, you are one of the artists
helping me find Christmas music to listen to so as to avoid what has
been implanted into me via mass retail)

E: i love listening to christmas music in the summer. who made the
rules? let’s break them.
S: I second that!!

(9) It has been about three years since your last album, "Remembering
You", was released.   Would you say that "Pretty Speeches" serves as a
sort of teaser for your next full length?

S: can’t say yet! we’re definitely looking forward to releasing more
music in 2016

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