Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CD Review: Dreamcolour "Sex With Glass" (Weird Cry Records)

[$6.50 //]

When I listened to the Redundant Orchestra Ensemble and said it sounded like Stephanie Lak only with more structure, this was what I had in mind as being closer to that LAK sound of "jazz noise" or "noise jazz".    Horns, bass and drums make up sometimes random and offbeat music that may or may not have structure outside of some improvisation.

This is also two tracks that are long enough my cassette roots want to see this on a C34, but I'm not complaining about the release of this as a CD because I just love this music.    So what needs to be stated here (for me as well as you) is that even though this was released in 2014 it was recorded back between 2009 and 2011.    It's only really been within the past few years that I started hearing this music I now refer to as "LAK", but you know it had to exist before then and here is a shining example of it.

Less of a "someone doing more of the same" and more of a "one of the originators" type of feel, the music overpowers any sort of words spoken, screamed or otherwise on here but it is worth noting that I also grew up on a dead end street.   I was actually the end of the dead end street, so once you got to my house you had to turn around.  I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse,  but I at least know how it is.

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