Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CD Review: Daniel Masiel "Mode or Cycle"(Weird Cry Records)

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When you're not reading the title of this CD as "Motorcycle" then you will take note that each of these songs is titled after a day of the week, starting with "Sunday", and though they go in order the eighth song is actually titled "Next Sunday".   It reminds me a bit of the BBC series "The Worst Week Of My Life" in which each episode is about a day of the week.   But then again, Stone Temple Pilots did also have that "Days of the Week" song, so who knows where to go with this from here, right?

The guitars on this remind me of Santana and a lot of this is guitar-based as well.   The saxophone plays right along with the guitar at times and then they also can have a bit of back and forth.   Other instruments can come into play but you'll probably be distracted by the killer guitar riffs if you're anything like me.    Whether it is deeper, darker trudges through guitar chords or acoustic guitar twangs I still think of this overall as having that jazz noise feel to it.   I'm not sure that "jazz noise" is a real genre or anything so I can't quite tell you why an artist will or won't fit into it but just know that Daniel Masiel does.

As these songs tend to move at a frantic pace, by the end they have a way of slowing down and it is somewhat interesting to note when given their titles (days) because at the end of the week, if you subscribe to the five day work week and all of that, then you do tend to wind down and just relax by Sunday... or in this case Next Sunday.   And since these do have the days of the week as their titles, I like to offer this challenge to you, the listener, as you hopefully embark on this musical journey.

Try listening to each of these songs on the day which it is titled after.   You could choose whether or not you want it to be your wake up music but I have found that listening to these songs at the end of my day- when everything is done and I'm about to go to sleep- seems to work the best because it kind of brings back memories from the day as I feel like we all go through something that this music can be the soundtrack to in our lives daily.   What better reason to listen and love this.

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