Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cassette Review: ylayali / lung cycles (Lily Tapes & Discs)

[$6 // Edition of 50 //]

Right away this split cassette begins with vocals and an acoustic guitar.   I can never fully describe what just vocals and an acoustic guitar can do because so many artists can play it in so many different ways.   I've said of Lily Tapes & Discs cassettes in the past that the songs can have that sound as if they're being played around a campfire, but even though ylayali doesn't have that same idea going on it does feel as if it is being projected outside somehow.    It's just got this raw feel to it and overall presents this mixture of acoustic Foo Fighters and possibly twee.   There are drums at one point during this and that's obviously when I realize it is not taking place outside.  A full band on comes on and leaves just as quickly in an abrupt and deliberate cut off as there is still a short time left on the cassette itself.

Side B is off to a bang with horns that sound like a cross between a jazz show and playing in traffic.   This ends and brings out an acoustic guitar loop melody, which is nice enough and makes me feel like more of what this will sound like on the whole with the horns just serving as an introduction of sorts.   The guitars come back but quieter this time and vocals begin to slowly escape through them.    It is a slowed down version of Violent Femmes on some levels here, but I'm definitely into it as it has that wandering through the desert feel to it.   Applause comes out at the end and apparently that was a live track though you couldn't tell it by the recording otherwise.    There is another quieter guitar piece and it's just rather relaxing to listen to really.

While I went into this split cassette not knowing about either of these artists I will admit that I thought it might be something acoustic as I have heard from Lily Tapes & Discs in the past, but in this day and age you never need to create record labels based upon genres and even though there are similar elements found within these songs this is still unlike anything Lily Tapes & Discs has released and I do enjoy that about it.    Obviously if you like one side of this split (one of the artists) then you will like the other, but at this point you just need to realize that Lily Tapes & Discs is putting out quality music and when they release something new you should buy it even if you've never heard of the artists before.

I'm not sure what I want to exist has ever existed before but someone needs to create a cassette club that has the best cassettes released through it but is just kind of paid for blindly per month.   So let's say you send someone (Not me, I don't have the time) $25 a month and then they send you five cassettes released that month.   You won't know who the cassettes are by before you pay but they will be from a variety of labels and artists known for their quality work.   If something like this was to be masterminded by someone with the time to execute it, I would certainly nominate Lily Tapes & Discs to be a part of it.    A label club would be one thing, but the ultimate cassette club needs to happen and not in the BMG/Columbia House way.

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