Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Sun Eggs "Dead Dolphins"

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I'm not sure what a "Sun Egg" is exactly but I do NOT recommend leaving any sort of eggs out in the sun.    The music on "Dead Dolphins"- which feels like it should have something to do with them getting caught in the tuna nets and then I should be able to make a joke about the closeness of the words "tuna" and this being "tunes"- is both instrumental and with vocals.   It's rock n roll at its best with other elements mixed in to give it that extra spark of life.

After guitar rattles this comes off between the theme to a spy movie and rockabilly.   It's surf and the vocals- when they do come out- are kind of screamed in some ways.    A wilder B-52's, somewhat Guttermouth and even groovy guitar riffs come into play even though this does still hold those punk elements throughout the groove.    It's a modern miracle of music and I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't hearing it myself.

Through some clank there is some Bouncing Souls coming out even and a little bit of psychedelic sounds.   It does become slow and dreamy in a Buddy Holly way before going back to a mostly instrumental number called "Bodybuilder" that is definitely a lot of surf and has that "Wipeout"/"Tequila" feel to it.    The last song feels like a dreamy version of Two Gallants and just all over this cassette is amazing.

With all of the rock n roll out there right now a lot of it just sounds so generic to me where the songs blend together and none really stands out from the rest.    Sun Eggs provide hit after hit, each easily distinguished for itself but all just as good as the last.    The vocals do help as they have that identity of their own to them but this is just rocking, vocals or not, you're going to want to turn it on, turn it up and dance.

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