Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cassette Review: Alosi Den "How to Live Forever" (Desert Home Recordings)

[$5 // Edition of 50 //]

It's been a little over a year now since I reviewed Alosi Den's previous cassette and "How to Live Forever" did come out a year and a few months after their previous cassette as well so it is quite interesting to see how music stands the test of time for me because as much as I like discovering new artists who I enjoy so much I also like when they put out more music and it is just as good- if not better- than their previous work because in my experience at least far too many artists have released one great cassette and have not been heard from since (Which is fine and I used to call that "Harper Leeing it" but I can't anymore since she wrote a second book)

"How to Live Forever" begins with upbeat, dreamy guitar notes magic and it reminds me of that symphony feel you might have heard from Guns N Roses on "Use Your Illusion 2".    Vocals come into play and remind me of Flaming Lips and Daniel Johnston, though the music then becomes Willy Wonka sort of trippy and I can hear something between The Beatles and Pink Floyd coming through, who I remember referencing in my first review.    Pianos become mixed in and there is just an overall nice feel to these songs as the melodies shout out "Hey!" at times as well.

Side B opens with the fourth song, so we have an even three split here, and it is quieter with clanky guitars.  An audio clip comes on next introducing "Ladies and gentlemen..." which goes into some definite FNL notes and all around heaviness under the same banner.   Would I consider this song- "For the Hunted"- to be post rock?  Probably, but I tend not to like things that are tagged with post rock and I do enjoy this song, so there's also that.    The last song has that acoustic feel with pianos to it and I think it's like something off of the Get Up Kids' "Walking On A Wire" album which, yes, I've turned into a complete genre in and of itself.

Though there was a split cassette first released by Alosi Den (which is sold out, but I downloaded the tracks anyway) this is their second release for me and it is exactly what I like to see from artists when they release new music (and I am happy when great artists such as Alosi Den continue to release music of this calibur)  It's every bit as good if not better than their previous cassette and I'm not sure if I'm beginning to hear more in it because I'm familiar with Alosi Den now or if it's just taking the music to a whole new level but either way if I'm going to be so bold as to say that even if you didn't like Alosi Den before now this could be the cassette that wins you over.

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