Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cassette Review: Kackegeruch "Das Beste von Gestern zum Preis von Morgen (Best of 1999​-​2015)" (Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse)

The music of Kackegeruch is not easy to describe as it jumps around between electronic and rock.   At first it's filled with funky bass and drums but then the singing comes into it with horns just as well.   Pianos come into play and then the second song is seemingly weird swooshing noise inside electronica.    After that we go back to the music with vocals for something that reminds me a bit of an electronic version of Gogol Bordello.    This takes us into a song with robot vocals and then there is a spoken word type number with steady beats and though I cannot understand a word of this I'm pretty sure he just said "Facebook".

This has the feel of a carousel ride or just carnival in general.   It's video games with horns and the video game sounds bring out this sort of ticking as well.   The next song is more rocking with organs and then it goes into a dance number ala New Order, which might leave you asking "How does it feel?" because of "Blue Monday" and all.   There is a flute in the next song and then Side A ends with the static sound of a record player.

On the flip side we have spoken word electronic funk which has a strong "Run Lola Run" sound to it.    Through piano electronic loops it sounds somewhat like Blue October and then turns into those Madonna "Vogue" beats.   As I think of it as being psycho-electro it goes into what I can only assume is a cover of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" and then that's followed by angry lasers, Yoko Ono style.   2Pac pianos come out just as well, so this might be hip hop on some level for all that I know.   Can you sing (or do a sort of spoken word) over instrumental hip hop?  What does that become?

This is a long cassette so you have a lot of room to experience it all and then listen to it again and again.  I don't like to put such broad tags on something as to say it is "electronic" at times but also under the same vein of "rock", but Kackegeruch really leaves me with little choice as this goes back and forth between the two and blends them together to create sounds which I really have just not heard before but I'm fully on board with this cassette.   It's just such a pleasure to listen to and really it goes by like the snap of the fingers which will leave you listening to it repeatedly.  

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