Friday, June 5, 2015

Toy Review: Baymax / Big Hero 6 (Bandai)


This is the only sort of basic series type of normal Big Hero 6 toy we got so far because they usually go for around ten dollars each but we managed to find Baymax here at Walmart on clearance for $2.50.    I'd love to have the other figures in this series, but not when $8 is their "on sale" price at Target and I'm not guarenteed to find them all in the same place anyway.   Still, this armored up Baymax serves his purpose by living in my son's collection of Imaginext toys.   He's somewhere between the size of one of their normal characters and one of the larger ones, so I think the size really works for him but might not for anyone else.

The only piece of armor that does come off of Baymax are his wings and I guess those also count as his accessories.   Hiro comes with the small cube version of Baymax while the all white Baymax comes with the cat, so as far as accessories go this is pretty lackluster, but what can you do?   I certainly wouldn't pay even $8 for this figure, but the $2.50 mark seemed to be about right.     I really feel like these should have been no more than $5 each and maybe even $3 or $4 at Family Dollar, but I know Disney has got to get paid.

In a world where all six heroes can exist together, it's going to cost a bit of money (If you're averaging $9 per figure, you're looking at $54 before taxes just for the basic six and there are three total versions of Baymax, so basically you're looking to drop almost $100 on all 8 figures with applicable taxes) and more than that they aren't really going to have anyone to hang out with other than themselves.   I put this Baymax with my son's Imaginext toys and he has no problems with it being there, but I know he'd kick out a Hiro of similar size in a second.   If only Playskool could create some Big Hero 6 toys in their scale that goes with Imaginext and then we'd have ourselves a new section of our evergrowing city.

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