Friday, June 5, 2015

Rock Cats Blog /// New Britain 4, New Hampshire 9 [Game 5]

Box Score:

I really didn't expect this game to be as busy as it was.   There were several events happening, but nothing in terms of give-aways but for the amount of cars there you'd think it was some kind of free beer promotion or something.    I felt like I left at a good time to get there and yet we still ended up parking underneath the bleachers of the *other* stadium.    Yes, we had arrived some time later on Wednesday night than on Friday night and here we were getting worse parking.    How is it possible that you could show up earlier and get worse parking?  I'm still not entirely sure.

For one thing, this was "grandparents bring their grandkids to the game night".   I asked my dad about going with my son and he looked into it and said something about how it seemed like something only sponsored by a corporation so he didn't want to do it.   In some ways, that was true because as far as I could tell bringing your grandkids with you got neither them nor you into the game for free or at a reduced rate so I wasn't really sure what was the deal with that.    There was also a character series here, where we could meet Sulley from "Monsters Inc" and a Minion but clearly that wouldn't be what was causing all of this fuss either.

The only conclusion I could come to was a combination of some sort of these two things:  First off, there were a number of little league teams there and as such I feel like maybe they came earlier as a team and now their parents/guardians had to show up to pick them up.   If you have a team of twenty little league kids, well, if the parents are going to come as well and maybe even siblings then you do the math and find out how quickly the seats fill up.   My only other theory was that it was a beautiful Friday night, neither too hot nor too cold, and people just wanted to see some baseball.

For Rock Cats game this season, we're 2-1 as the most recent game we attended before this was a sort of rain out loss.   This would not be the Rock Cats night either, as they went down by nine runs early on and could never recover.   Not even a three run home run by Dean Epsy could bring them back to some signs of life, and by the sixth inning my son and I decided to call it a night because we had been there on Wednesday, knew we were going back tomorrow and, well, no one wants to see their team lose.  

In the beginning of the season I had remembered seeing the Rock Cats down by four or five runs only to come back from the sixth inning on and win the game.   It was fairly apparent early on here though that the Rock Cats just were not going to come back from this one and they didn't.   So my son got to spend some time outside, watching some amount of baseball before he got tired and our interest in the defeat all but disappeared.   We also did get to meet Sulley, a Minion with one eye and even an older, odd-looking Rocky (And, yes, we saw the real Rocky again as well- something my son needs to do every game for reasons which are his and his alone)

Someone who came in after us (He must have parked really far away then) remarked something to someone he was sitting with about how this parking situation is hopefully something that can be fixed when the team moves to Hartford.   You don't really think about it, maybe because you don't really see crowds like this, but if the stadium ever really did get packed where there was no breathing room in general admission I have no idea what they'd do with all of the cars.   Hopefully this is something they've considered and taken into account in the new stadium because why move them if you're not going to solve such issues?

While this was not my favorite Rock Cats game this season- and it may go down as my least favorite because of the beating they took- it was still a fun night out that my son really seemed to enjoy.    He had fun until he said he was tired and wanted to go home, so then we left.   If only everything in life could produce such simple joy.

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