Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Night Dials "I've Done More Things" (Ciao Ketchup Recordings)

[£6 for 7" //]

I don't know a lot about Night Dials but I do know that this is a 7" record and back when my dad was a kid and all that this is how music used to be released prior to a full length record coming out.   It was done as a device to sort make the listener hear just enough of the band to get excited about the eventual full length record and, well, that has certainly worked well here with Ciao Ketchup and Night Dials because I have Night Dials under my list of bands to watch and am certainly anticipating what I believe to now be the inevitable full length.

"I've Done More Things" is a fuzzy psych song between the likes of High Pop and the Replacements that is just chill as the singer declares he's done more things than your new boyfriend ever did.     "I'll Sleep When I Die" is a bit more of a straight up fuzz-pop song with those hints of garage and maybe even a little bit of surf in it, but it just flat out rocks, man.    I don't want to sound like I'm prejudice to certain types of music or anything (Can someone be genrist, like as in being biased to certain genres doing certain things? I don't know and I don't care) but this is always what I think of when I think of music that should be on vinyl.

       So two songs that should be on vinyl and are but also are just the best possible example right now for how a single can act as a teaser to a full length album.   I have no details of a Night Dials full length but it is a record (Yes, *record*) that I will love to own one day.   A lot of record collectors who miss this single are going to be kicking themselves later when they get the full length so don't be one of them as I am telling you right now about how great this is.  

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