Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CD Review: Phaser Horse "Swan Knight/Pumpkin Knight" (Weird Cry Records)

[$8 //]

Staying true to the "anything goes" style of Weird Cry Records, Phaser Horse has sounds that come from various sources but are delivered in an instrumental way which can remind me of something somewhere between ambient and FNL.   It's not something which I can place my finger on as to who to compare it with exactly because it takes these two ideas of ambience and FNL and delivers them in various ways throughout the CD so as to never fully channel one or two specific artists.

While I typically like to listen to this music when in a relaxed state, I actually listened to this for the first time while driving and it does seem to provide a good soundtrack to that activity.    So I do feel as if that also puts this in some other category, as it can have that driving experience to it and that just sort of adds another level.   Just solid instrumental work here with ideas and concepts you may have heard before- and hopefully enjoy, since you are here reading this- but they are just brought about in new ways by Phaser Horse.

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