Friday, June 12, 2015

Cassette Review: Piercing Eyes "Ultra Savage" (Haymaker Records)

[$5 // Edition of 50 //]

"Ultra Savage" begins with a weird bit of rock n roll mixed with vocals that are somewhere between The Doors, The Priests and Future of the Left.    There is a song called "Watch Out" which says "Watch out! Watch out behind you!" and there is some singing mixed in with the overall songs as well.   It's big chord start and stops that remind me of an industrial sound but also there are space laser whirr explosions.

There is a video game start to a song where the phrase "So what!" is constantly said.   It's kind of funny because someone will say any number of things and it will be followed by a "So what!".   One of them is "I like to freak out", but just sitting and listening to the different things that get told "So what!" never seems to get old, even as I listen to them through for the fifth and sixth times now.

I believe I hear a trumpet in one of the songs and then there is this bass line which somehow brings out the psychedelic side of things.    Lasers and echoes channel the experimental.    Space shots are fired, yet the drums are still drumming.

After laughing there are some beats and we find a song called "Watch Out Reprise" which brings out the "Watch out behind you!" bit from the beginning.    I do kind of wish that there was a "So What Reprise", but I'm not the one making the music and I still like this just the same as if there was one so I suppose it isn't really needed.  

If you're interested in hearing something different yet so good it should be the same then I recommend Piercing Eyes because it feels like more people should be making music like this and yet there aren't.

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