Friday, June 12, 2015

Cassette Review: Continuum Sorge "Stutenbeschau" (Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse)

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For all intents and purposes, "Stutenbeschau" is a cassingle by Continuum Sorge as it has one song per side.   Now one thing that is worth noting as well is that Side A is the original version of the song and Side B is the Dub Mix of it.   This does make me feel more closely like this is a cassingle as well, such as from the 1980's or 1990's, because there isn't a b-side as much as a remix and, well, I'd always loved buying cassingles when I knew that the b-side was a remix I couldn't otherwise get (And that was also a smart marketing strategy by the labels that did it)

The original song begins with either talking or an audio clip.   It's got these whirr/synth type of notes that almost sing throughout while there are also these static drum beats.   I'm not sure how you go about making your drum beats have that static sound to them, but I do know that you can use programs to change your voice to be "lo-fi" and that's what I feel like is being done with the drums here.     This goes on a loop and just has an overall enjoyable sound to it for fans of electronic music that doesn't sound like what has been made most famous right now as electronic music but the stuff from the good old days.

The Dub Mix has a little bit more kick to it.   It reminds me a bit of the Fine Young Cannibals song "She Drives Me Crazy" at first, but then the way that the beats come out with this R&B feel it has a definite 1980's police movie feel to it and I'm thinking somewhere between "Police Academy" and "Cop and a Half", but it also can sound at times like it specifically is being used as a montage or chase scene in such a movie.

Having these two songs together is quite good because the Dub Mix isn't a case where the original is just slightly altered and I feel as if it can stand on its own merits.   That was the one thing that did bother me when I'd buy cassingles with the lead song on A and the remix on B: when the remix was barely different from the original.    This does feel a bit more like two songs, though you can tell they're related still, and so it is a cassingle definitely worth adding to your collection.

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