Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cassette Review: CLC "WE HATE NOISE" (Beaver Club Records)

[$5 // http://beaverclubrecords.storenvy.com/products/12863572-clc-we-hate-noise-cassette]

For what I've heard from Beaver Club Records up to this point, I haven't really heard a lot of what would be considered "noise" from the artists though the title "WE HATE NOISE" kind of makes me think this is going to be noise.   Then I think that maybe it's "WE HATE NOISE" in the way that certain artists who are referred to as "noise" really don't like their music being called "noise".   It's a very strange genre tag because when you think back to the old rock n roll days of The Who and the kids listening when their parents considered that to be noise.   But does the idea of it being called "noise" undermine the fact that it is still music?   Well, there are artists who don't mind being described as "noise" so perhaps I am just thinking too much into this.

The cassette begins with big piano sounds which bring out some modems which are both processing and screaming.  Static skips and then there is some more screaming which gives me a very trapped souls type of vibe.   It's beginning to remind me of I Like You Go Home and that is not a bad thing.    Screaming, grinding and rapid fire machine gun-like beats bring out more static.   What comes next is a cross between R2D2 beeps and laser shots fired.    There is this up and down humming sound and Side A is closed out by sharp sounds.

On Side B of "WE HATE NOISE" CLC opens with static and 8bit bounces.   There are modem rings and then the sound of a lot of static ringing like insects would make.   I often think of this as the cicada bugs but I'm sure that there are some other insects out there which could be just as suitable.   (Anyone else remember that singer John Secada?  His name isn't pronounced like the bug though)   There are laser blasts within these bug sounds and then "doot doo doot" patterns of static follow.   Some sharpness brings out some deep vocals, such as a demon would speak, and then we have sonar whooshes, more R2D2 sounds and a galloping rhythm.    The overall feeling at the end leaves me thinking of a video game in space.

What I like about "WE HATE NOISE" is that it could be described as "noise" on the surface, but underneath it is some hardcore elements that bring out a different side that is sometimes referred to as "harsh noise" but that might not even be an appropriate tag here as it just has enough other elements- for me- to perhaps keep it out of the "noise" genre altogether.  Either way, you should be listening to this one if you've ever gotten angry while playing video games and I know that I certainly have.

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