Thursday, May 21, 2015

Toy Review: Thor + Juggernaut + Venom / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

When Target decided to put the Marvel Super Hero Mashers on sale, I decided to act quickly and without hesitation.   The "basic" style figures that were normally $10 were on sale for $8.49, which was a smaller saving than the "elite" figures being on sale for $7.99 (which was less than half their normal price).    Yes, you were able to get the figures in the larger packaging with more accessories for fifty cents less than their smaller counterparts.   Now keep in mind that in addition to buying these three "elite" style figures for $8 each, I also used an on package coupon where if you buy three Mashers you save $8.   Cartwheel still had their 15% coupon going and we saved an additional 5% by using a Target Redcard.   So we took that $8 down even further, like to ridiculous levels of low.

Juggernaut is someone I kept seeing and wanting simply because he's the Juggernaut.   His head does look somewhat awkward on the bodies of other Mashers and vice versa.   His fist (left hand) has an action feature where it is supposed to shoot out like a missile but I can only seem to get it to do this by pushing it out with my finger from the back.   No button or pull back option from what I can tell.   Still, the Juggernaut looks like his older, cartoon version and I do love that about him.   He's become one of my favorite Marvel Mashers just because of his look and the fact that I also feel as if he is somewhat lesser known and as such am surprised to see him in the line.

Venom is huge and one of our other Mashers (I believe it was Deadpool) came with an extra Venom hand which has more detail so I like to keep that one on him instead of the one he came with.    Venom is big and his tongue comes out so it is rather easy to lose.   He has that similar problem discussed with Loki and his horns only it's with Venom and his tongue.   I guess it's more though so you could put something funny in Venom's mouth than to have a tongue coming out of Spider-Man's arm.   I remember the older series of Marvel toys I had and how Venom was always so big so this does bring up those feelings of nostalgia for me.

Thor seemed like someone we had to buy to a) round out the Avengers (We will never buy Hawkeye and they have yet to make female characters) and b) fight Loki, plus he's just Thor.   His cape has some issues staying on (See: Loki... again) but otherwise he's a good representation of Thor for me and as such the only version of the character I really want.  (Where as other versions of Spider-Man and Wolverine would be cool and picked up one day)   I had some trouble getting his hammer into his hand but that just means it's going to be harder for him to release it and as we all know only Thor can lift it so that works out for the best.

This time around we got two bad guys and a good guy, which is funny because depending upon your take on Deadpool we always had more good guys than bad simply because we started off with four good guys and then added another good guy in Hulk and a bad guy in Loki.    So, yes, building up some bad guys was important but I really don't like the Mashers for Whiplash or Electro so they probably won't be making their way into our collection.

Still, this was an amazing deal from Target I hope more people took part in and it really did help us to build up the Mashers collection to where I almost feel like we're some sort of caught up now after the next review.

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