Thursday, May 21, 2015

Toy Review: Hulk vs. Loki / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

This time around I am actually reviewing two Marvel Mashers at the same time simply because they came in a two pack.   This was originally priced at something like double what I paid for it, but Target had it on clearance for $9.76.    (Other Targets still had it at full price, oddly enough)   Since there was neither a Hulk nor Loki in our Mashers collection this seemed like a good fit because I've yet to see Loki by himself and the single carded Hulks are usually the "elite" form and would run $16-ish full retail.    The clearance price really put this at less than $5 per figure which is Five Below pricing.

If you're wondering whether or not Hulk is bigger than the other Mashers the answer is simply yes, he is.   This can make it somewhat awkward to interchange his pieces with those of other Mashers though, just because a smaller head (like Spider-Man) might look out of place on such a large body.   But I do appreciate that Hulk has such a big body mold.   Right now, I can see there are three different sizes with Hulk being the biggest, Captain America/Wolverine/Ghost Rider being the middle size and then Spider-Man and Deadpool are the smallest.

Loki is quite a figure in and of himself, as he is in the older, more traditional yellow and green color scheme.    This doesn't really make him look like he does in the current line of movies but I am okay with that.   His cape sometimes has problems staying on, but the mold of it makes me think of an old Stryfe figure I had and thus makes me want a Stryfe Masher.   His horns also like to fall off as they don't stay in quite as well as they should.  I'm not sure why those weren't just molded onto the head unless there was a concern of them then becoming too easy to break off.

In addition to these two rather large figures (Hulk is large, Loki is medium) you get a bunch of accessories and weapons which are just a whole lot of fun to mix up with everyone.    I feel like Hulk would have eventually made his way into our collection and Loki as well, but maybe after Thor, and as such being able to get them in this manner was truly a blessing.    I'm not sure who decided to put these on clearance with the new Avengers movie in theaters, but thank you.   I enjoyed paying this little for them.

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