Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rock Cats Blog: New Britain 3, Harrisburg 1 [Game 3]

Box Score:

Our third game of the season was attended by just my son and I.  It was an early Wednesday game- 10:35 am- and there were a lot of kids brought in on school buses.   We had tried to go to one of these early games previously but the general admission seats were all sold out.   We arrived around 10 and got to our normal spot and the majority of the kids were in reserved seats, though we then had some older kids come in behind us but they still left a few rows between us.

We saw three interesting things in this game.   First off, after coming back from a bathroom break, a foul ball landed maybe four or six rows up behind us (We weren't even back in our seats yet though)   This was the first time a foul ball had landed near us this season or last season for that matter (Though we only went to two games last season, we kind of missed the boat on it a little)

As we generally sit above the tunnel to go down the steps and leave, as a Senator took a swing his bat came flying up into the stands.   Someone was walking into the tunnel as the bat hit the ground, bounced up and then caught him in the back of the leg.   The guy looked behind him, wondered what hit him and then went about his way.    There was another guy who actually grabbed for the flying bat and I'm not sure if he wanted to catch it to keep or try and block it from hitting the guy, but it was probably a little bit of both.    A security guy ended up with the bat in the end and he sent it back to the dugout (Boo!) as the fan who kind of got hit didn't get a souvenir.  (If a bat hit me, I'd keep it)

There was also this play where someone on the Rock Cats (I can't remember who it was) hit a ball hard up the left field line but it landed just foul.   With no reasoning from the voice over guy, as it was probably better explained on the radio commentary, the hitter was given first base.   All I could think was catcher's interference but I was left wondering how he got that base like he did.

A few drops of rain, almost to a sprinkle, didn't stop the game and it was a great deal of fun to watch with all of the kids in attendance.   They added this level of energy I haven't seen in previous games and it was by far the biggest crowd I've seen this season so far.   The Rock Cats also won the previous night in extra innings so they most likely needed that boost.

I'm not sure if I'd do the 10:35 am game again.   My son had a meltdown when it was time to go and fell asleep in the car (which was only bad up until he fell asleep) but there were also just a lot of kids everywhere.   I don't know if you've ever been around a lot of kids who were being managed by only a few adults at a time, but they tend to not be the best behaved as they liked to walk as they pleased, not paying attention to others around them and all of that.    It was not by the far the worst experience or even so bad that I would entirely ruling out doing it again, but I'm not necessarily eager to do it again either.

Luckily, the traffic when leaving (because of all the buses) was not that bad.   I thought it might be backed up and we might have trouble with it on the whole, but some of the sections of kids even began clearing out during the seventh inning and then they seemed to stagger it as well, so I was quite pleased by that.   Even if it did feel chaotic inside the park, at least there was still some organization to it.

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