Thursday, May 14, 2015

MP3 Review: Prints "Prints"

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If you've ever thrown a rock into a pond then you will understand the ripple effect.   This collection of songs by Prints begins with what I can only best describe as being that sort of Smashing Pumpkins "Adore" feel, or maybe it's Zwan, but I'm just reminded of Billy Corgan singing, "Is it any wonder I can't sleep?"  I think that's the line.    So take that idea of music and just expand on it with each and every passing song- the ripple effect- and you will begin to understand what's going on here.

Parts of this are trill and there are drum machine beats as well.  It could be hip hop at times just as well and there are piano keys that help it to stand out just as well.    It's moderately paced and somewhere between synthgaze and dreampop with whispered vocals.     I really wish there were more artists I could compare this with, but I'm not even sure where to begin.   On some grand level, I think of Garbage perhaps but this isn't even really like them because they had more of an electronic rock sound to me and Prints is just much more chill.

The fact that there aren't more bands to compare this with is never a problem for me because it just puts it in a class all by itself and now I know when I hear something like this (because you know sooner than later other artists will be biting on this style) I can trace it back to here.    It's just such a good set of songs that I want it to be the Side A of a cassette and then additional songs to be created for the flip side.

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