Thursday, May 14, 2015

MP3 Review: Disappears "Irreal" (Kranky)

While I only vaguely remember hearing Disappears before the name did sound familiar enough for me to look it up and find a brief review of "Era".   While I didn't say anything bad about the album "Era" and admitted to liking it, the fact that the review was so short makes me think I didn't like it all that much (and didn't really listen to it too much after that either) and so in that way I sort of owe an apology to Disappears because "Irreal" is one of the most brilliant pieces of music I have ever heard.

To describe this is to describe music itself.    There are static cuts on the first song mixed with rhythms and deep vocals.   It's darkly distorted at times as well, like Marilyn Manson but without the metal.   There is certainly more music than vocals and the percussion can even become somewhat tribal in its nature.    "Another Thought" is a song that can become almost hypnotyzing and it can also just journey into that trippy world opened up by The Doors.

The songs might be long and they venture into some sort of electronic psychedelic rock, like something dreamed up between that early sound of Stabbing Westward and Butthole Surfers.   But I can't explain it.  I can just listen to it with my jaw wide open, amazed at how great it is and how I feel like I dropped the ball on "Era".   Music doesn't blow me away all that often, at least not like this.

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