Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MP3 Review: The Montecristos "Born To Rock 'n' Roll" (Easy Action Records)

If there was ever an appropriate name for an album title it is The Montecristos "Born To Rock 'n' Roll".   The music here just demonstrates that fact with each and every song.    While the first song is instrumental, there are eventually vocals and the style is that of rock 'n' roll with horns which I still don't feel has a proper genre name but it reminds me of a cross between Bruce Springsteen and River City Rebels.     This is never a bad thing because it's been such a long time since I've heard something this good.

There are bits of punk in here as well and that comes out on songs like "Hotel Pelirocco" which combines the raw, wild passion of Elvis Presley with Brian Setzer, so yes, rockabilly in some ways also.    Overall though, the vibe of these songs is just a lot of fun and in good spirits.    They aren't angry or really rebelling against something, but rather just going out and having a good time.    Party anthems is what Andrew WK might think of them as, though they don't have the same problems as Andrew WK (his songs all tend to run together for me)

After a cover of "Good Lovin" (originally by the Young Rascals) there is a song with female backing vocals about being dirty and all I can think of is Talk Sick Brats and "Dirty" Jeff Smith.    Though this does remind me of other friends of mine as well, just because of the style in which it is presented and how for all of the music I listen to I just don't seem to hear music like this nearly enough.    As seems to come with the territory, there are also a number of killer guitar riffs in here and I will never tire of them.

So if you're looking for a high energy blast of punk 'n' roll then I must highly recommend this album to you.   Albums like this are like finding needles in a haystack and whether you think of the hay as being other bands in this genre but not as good or simply bands not in the same line of rock 'n' roll, this is something truly special and you should be living it up right now.

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