Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MP3 Review: Liza Anne "TWO"

When you listen to Liza Anne, you will find her music to be familiar but you will not know why.   She has that voice that just comes out with such comfort to me.   I think she is someone I've heard before and I should be able to put my finger on it so easily.   I should just be able to say she sounds like Sarah McLachlan and move on.   But she doesn't.   She has her own sound, her own voice and it is beautiful.    It is something that you do not hear enough in music today and even more so tend to not find for the duration of an entire album of seven songs.

At times, the music is acoustic and folk in its nature and at other times it is the soft notes of a piano and strings added in for effect to create part lullaby and part symphony.   It's pop in the way that you could hear it on the radio but it really has no comparison when I think of what genre to put it into.   Something like "pop" or "acoustic" seems easy enough if you want to be vague and lazy, but these songs just seem to defy genre as everything Liza Anne does seems to defy tradition.

A song like "Take It Back" is an instant single, as it even had my three year old singing along, and "Overnight" reminds me of a Polly Scattergood ballad but there is simply no comparison for these songs.   To hear Liza Anne is to hear Liza Anne, plain and simple.   Her songs sound like her.   And listening to these songs is like unlocking a door into some magical world that once you visit you never want to leave.   So just even go find a single on Soundcloud you can stream for free because once you do you'll be hooked and you'll want more.   Then you can come through the looking glass with me.

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