Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cassette Review: Tim Gray "Polyhedrons"

[$5 // Edition of 50 // https://ethernetmusic.bandcamp.com/album/polyhedrons]

The music of Tim Gray is long drones that have very little variations on them.   It begins with a sort of ambient  organ feel and though there are slight alterations you can sense the same sort of peace and tranquility throughout.    There is a level of deepness to it, in the way of a bass type string (a cello effect, but not a cello) and there are also moments of sonar.   Moments of modem beeping and humming do occur and it takes on a little bit of a "Phantom of the Opera" feel towards the end of Side A.

On Side B there is a ringing drone that can also come out as "Pong" and while it is overall slightly wavier than Side A it still has the same effect.    I've never actually meditated before so I'm not sure if you need complete silence to do it or not, but in terms of that or just trying to relax and be at peace this is a good soundtrack to that.    It's not drone in the way that it has just one note seemingly without end because that would just bother me.   But it doesn't change so much either to the point where you couldn't listen to it while relaxing in a bath or however you choose to relax.

Whatever goes into the creation of the music as well, it seems to have a simple sound to it.    It's not overly-complicated in the way that you need to think about it or try and read between the lines.   It is something that you should give your full attention to, yes, but not in the way that your mind needs to be constantly thinking up new ideas and scenarios for the sounds it is experiencing.     For all of the times I've heard all of those pieces of music that create such images, I've yet to hear something that could seemingly put your mind at ease.

While it might be easy enough for a talented musician to play this part or that part and have me write about it being in space or underwater, the fact that you can create these sounds- that is to say that Tim Gray can create these sounds- and they can have the reverse effect (because they're not shutting your mind off so that you're in a state of duh, just relaxing you) says a lot about the talents of Tim Gray.  

Other music can inspire and that's great.   Tim Gray doesn't enhance those thoughts of the creative nor does he kill them off but rather he lets them rest.   And we all need some rest sometimes.    Again, I've never really met music before that could silence the voices and constant thoughts running through my brain, so thank you Tim Gray.

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