Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is just such a special movie I'm not sure I can do it justice by reviewing it.   It is one of the few movies that my three year old son has been invested in from start to finish, just actively watching it the entire time and that really says a lot.    There are funny parts and it's a superhero movie which means it walks the line of comic books and then it just also feels like a Disney movie because of the standard early-on death.    It's "The Incredibles" meets "Avengers" meets "Bambi" I think.   It's really just the best pieces of every Disney/Pixar/Marvel movie wrapped into one.

The story follows Hiro who experiences the loss of his brother early on in the movie.   it's interesting because later on they find out that the main villain actually didn't lose his daughter like he thought, so everything was kind of done for nothing-- his act of vengeance was for someone who didn't need to be avenged, and yet my wife reminds me that if he didn't set off that chain of events though then they never would have found out his daughter was still alive either.   So it works on just so many levels that can make you think and realize that this might quite possibly be the best thing to ever have the Disney tag on it.

Hiro begins to assemble a team of superheroes to track down the person he blames for his brother's death and this includes Baymax, a robot his brother built to help in the medical field.  Baymax is just so much fun as a character and you need to read all of the trivia and find all of the easter eggs that you can about this movie.   It's just so tough to describe it because to me it's more than just an action movie or a superhero movie because it's also about friends and family.

And where does Disney go from here with Big Hero 6?   He's animated, so crossing over into the live action feels less likely so he might not end up unleashed in the Marvel Universe (Though don't count that out, because this movie was loosely based on a Marvel comic book-- again, look at the trivia) but then I got an offer from the Disney Movie Club to purchase this movie and Wreck-It-Ralph together and I couldn't help but think what a fun team up they would make.   (I don't know how they'd get there, but I'm sure I could figure something out for some Disney money)

You know how movies about superhero teams tend to have that one character you like the most and the others are just kind of there?    Well, everyone in the six that make Big Hero 6 seem just as important and if backstories or stories just focused on them in general are in the works then that's another easy four movies right there, what with Go-Go, Wasabi, Fred and Honey Lemon.     (Note: Big Hero 6 does not have its own version of Hawkeye or Black Widow, that is to say a lesser Avenger)

The first time that I watched this was via a free Redbox rental.   Just a few short days later, I was at Target buying the BD/DVD combo pack because I like it that much and just knew that we would end up owning it one day anyway.     We watched it again the day after we bought it- my three year old still glued to the television from a comfortable distance- and if we don't watch it again before then we'll probably be watching it on Easter as well.    So, yes, this is becoming a quick frontrunner for my favorite movie of 2014, even though it still feels like some sort of weird three way tie with "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie".

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