Friday, April 24, 2015

Cassette Review: "Presseschau Austria" by various artists (Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse)

[€5 // Edition of 14 // ]

The best way to describe this compilation is by saying it is a cross between electronic music and noise, though sometimes that can be heard at the same time.    There a number of different artists on here, bringing out their various sounds, but it is worth noting that 480billion does seem to take on a lot of these tracks.

Part 8bit alien electronic, sometimes instrumental sometimes with vocals that can either sing or come through with distorted screaming, you never really know what might be coming next but the overall vibe of the cassette does seem to flow.     It's part "Phantom of the Opera" and then there are also static blasts and lasers.

I can hear Super Mario Bros. at times and other times it's just whirrs and frequency changes in loops that can seemingly become drone.     Perhaps one of my favorite parts though is that there are beeps presented in a rhythm that can make you want to get up and dance.    It's just that good.

As far as compilations go, I'm never really the biggest fan of them because you can never really get a good feel for an artist based on one song, but since there are multiple songs on here by 480billion in a lot of ways this feels like a 480billion cassette with some guest spots on it.

The fact that these songs just transition from one to the next flawlessly just goes to show you that no matter who the artist is behind them, they still have a certain presence and this cassette doesn't really feel like your standard compilation so much as it does a genuine work of art in and of itself.  

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