Friday, April 24, 2015

Cassette Review: Pet Sun "Feel Like I'm Going Away"

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"Feel Like I'm Going Away" is a six song cassette from Pet Sun and it begins with the titular track so right away you can get a sense as to what the music will be like but also just the general vibe of the lyrics, the tone of the cassette if you will.   Pet Sun is a rock n roll band at heart and there are some influences you can pull here but mostly they just have a sound their own.

Somewhat Oasis, somewhat The Vines and even a bit of The White Stripes this cassette just bleeds rock n roll at a fast pace.   It does grow close to that punk feel, so it could be punk n roll on the second song for example.     Though it does take the time to slow down on the fourth song, right as the first side of the cassette ends, but I'm still not really sure who to compare this with I just know that it's rocking even when the pace slows down.

Side B opens with a longer, instrumental number that has guitars Jimi Hendrix might have used.    The overall feel to the song is just trippy and psychedelic.    It's really a good example of what Pet Sun can do, and you know, if these six songs were all just rock n roll straight up I'd be happy but the fact that it does get diverse like this just goes to show that talent.

The final song on "Feel Like I'm Going Away" has the vocals return and it comes out somewhere between The Beatles and David Bowie.   I realize that most of these comparisons I'm making with other artists can seem generic (Who doesn't sound like The Beatles?) but at the same time, it's not like Pet Sun has that one artist or a mix you can compare them with as these songs just appear to be crafted in their own vein and I love every second of it.

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