Friday, April 24, 2015

Cassette Review: entrail "Ursula"

[$6 // Edition of 100 //]

The music of entrail comes out right away with these guitars that sound a bit like either violins or an accordion.   It's strange because I can understand how I can mistake a guitar for a violin, as the two are born string instruments and can create similar sounds, but the idea that this can remind me of an accordion just confuses me a little bit and sort of makes me question everything I know about musical instruments.

Violins come through much more directly though, and then there are these sounds of lightsaber distortion as well.    Static skips somehow turn into booms and I can't explain how really because it's not something I've really heard music do before now.    It goes back to only the strings of what I assume to be a violin, but for full disclosure I know there are many more string instruments than the usual violin and cello I like to reference.    Words are spoken and the strings go sad.

It somehow next takes on the sound of something lurking deep underwater, but yet it's neither really sonar nor "Jaws" but some new inbetween.    The strings return, but this time are a bit higher pitched.   Big bass notes thump out in a way like Rush with their synth and this is accompanied by some knockin g beats.   It comes through in these waves, but by the end of Side A just hits you full blast.

Side B opens with tapping beats, a rhythmic strum and singing.   The singing maintains for a good portion of Side B and that seems to be what separates it from Side A.    There are strings again here, but they sound more like a snake charmer than their sound from earlier on.   A sort of chirping or screeching noise comes out as it then blends in with an alien type of X-Files series of whirrs.
On music alone, "Ursula" offers up enough spooky delight to create an instant fan in me.   Fully realizing this probably has nothing to do with it, there exists a Blue October live album and one of the last tracks on it is instrumental but I feel like it is sort of a base for what's going on here, as if that track is opened up and expanded upon by entrail during the course of this cassette.

Of course, that is all just musically.   You have some words spoken ala Polly Scattergood and others are just a beautiful example of singing.    I'm not going to name any names because I don't think it's fair, but any time I hear about someone who is this supposedly this new and innovative artist I always seem to be bored by them.   And I'm not typing any specific names because it doesn't just go for the females it goes for everyone.

All of those times that you've ever been disappointed by music seem to wash away out to sea as you experience "Ursula".    This is just everything you ever thought it could be and yet so much more.    A glorious display I wish I heard more often, entrail just creates perfection in every note.

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