Friday, April 10, 2015

Cassette Review: Blind Moon "Blind Moon"

[$7 // Edition of 100 //]

The music of Blind Moon can seem on the surface to be very familiar but it is only on the surface that it is such.    For all of the influences that can be heard within this cassette of acoustic dreampop there is as much wonder as to where you heard that song last or if you've even actually ever heard it before.

With something between being ambient/FNL/-gaze, the songs on the self-titled Blind Moon cassette can get just as heavy as they are delicate and yet still maintain that overall dreamy feeling.   I can hear some Stone Temple Pilots coming out, but then there are also trippier moments that bring out a Pink Floyd/Beatles type of classic vibe.

Through melodies, these songs also remind me of something that could fall more closely into a modern version of shoegaze.   The only band I can think of right away is Present For Sally but I know that isn't quite the same.   You just have to imagine some sort of shoegaze compilation and think about Blind Moon as having a song on there only in reality they didn't.

If I had gone back and looked at the music I listened to for the past few months or so and found out that I listened to a compilation with Blind Moon on it then it would all seemingly make sense to me.    However, I don't need to go back in time or think too hard about it because I don't listen to enough compilations so I can easily tell you that of the handful I've listened to, no, Blind Moon has not appeared on them.   They are just that familiar feeling.

There are moments that remind me of The Lyndsay Diaries and that whispery sort of sense also can be attributed to this sounding like the song "Rock On".    Hints of country and Americana come out but only barely as this is overall just a combination of several things I am used to hearing but constructed in a way which is still so new to me.    I simply love it.

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