Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Toy Review: Bebop & Rock Steady / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Playmates)

To me, Bebop and Rock Steady go together like a tag team in professional wrestling.   I've often stated that I enjoy when Mattel makes two packs of tag teams because then you are guarenteed to have both figures and it takes me back to the days of when Jakks had the WWE license and they did a Best of ECW series.    I refused to buy the Best of ECW series Dudley Boyz unless I found them both at the same time because I didn't want to just buy one and be forever searching for the other.    This is the same way that I feel about Bebop and Rock Steady, as they just go together in that way.

Around the holidays last year, I saw one Bebop figure on a lonely peg in Walmart but wouldn't buy him without Rock Steady of course.    I ended up finding these two together at Kohl's of all places and they had a $8.99 sale price but then they came up at $10.99 (okay) and the lady had to fight with me because the sign said all toys were buy one get one half off and these were somehow not part of the sale.   I ended up getting the sale, and thus paying about $16.50 for the two of them which is a good deal considering they'd be $8.99 at Target and that's if I could find them together (And, yes, not that long after I scored these did I find them together at Target.  Oh well, I still got a better deal even if I had to get loud at Kohl's)

The figures themselves are rather interesting.    Bebop looks like something out of "Bladerunner" as I always think he has on too tight of a leather jacket because his pink straps that cover his chest aren't always the easiest to see.   He has a small wheel on his back that I don't quite understand but it makes me want to lift his legs up and slide him across the floor like a turtle.    On top of that he comes with two rather small accessories which are guarenteed for your child to lose right after you open the package and as far as I can tell there is no way for Bebop to contain these because he can't hold them and doesn't have holsters ala Tiger Claw for his guns.   I've wondered if maybe the small accessories had something to do with the wheel on his back but I'm not sure.

Rocksteady looks more like his original figure as he is in the camoflauge pants and just all around has that bulk to him that makes you know he's a rhino.   Bebop seems small, somewhat skinny like Casey Jones and he's shorter than Tiger Claw, but Rocksteady is just heavy and solid... like a paperweight... like a rock.   He comes with two different weapons as his accessories and both of them are able to fit in each of his hands so we don't run into the same problems experienced with Bebop.

I never actually had either of these two characters as action figures growing up but I can only relate that to the fact that the majority of the characters I had as a kid were the good guys (I never had Shredder either, to be fair)   So these don't have that same nostalgia feel to me as some of the other TMNT figures carry, but my son does appreciate having bad guys because it keeps him from having the Turtles fight each other, which he was doing for a short while before we started building this collection.

After buying these at Kohl's, I found both April O'Neil and Dogpound in grab bags at Saver's.   April O'Neil was part of a grab bag I wanted anyway and Dogpound was with some stuff I didn't care about, but neither will get official reviews or anything but I will throw some pictures in here of them just for fun.    One thing worth noting as well is that Dogpound feels very light, as if he is hollowed out somehow, but Rocksteady has a much heavier feel to him in that regard and I do like that.

As much as I've always been about having the four Turtles and no one else, I must admit I've been having fun collecting their friends and enemies.   I'm not willing yet to get the Turtles in other forms (such as their "Mystic" variations or Mikey the Elf, that sort of idea) but having these other characters is progress for me.   I expect my next mass retail purchase to be when I find a Dreambeaver and I hope to find some other characters at Savers along the way, but hey, we're one Target sale away from me getting Shredder, Splinter, Fishface, Slash, Rahzar or any of these other characters which currently are only eluding me because of their price.

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