Friday, March 20, 2015

Cassette Review: Flesh Narc "Narc It!"

For whatever reason, I listened to "Narc It!" after "Optical Intrusion" though I believed it to be released afterwards.    As I checked Bandcamp right now though I see that "Optical Intrusion" actually came out a month before, but both were in the beginning of 2015 and it doesn't really matter- to me- which you listen to first but they do go together so well.

"Narc It!" does seem shorter than "Optical Intrusion" but that's not bad because just so much punch is packed in here.   Influences of Jimmie's Chicken Shack and Guttermouth come out, as Flesh Narc seems to piece together the favorite bands of my youth and string them together in a way that is unrecognizable perhaps to anyone else.  

Hints of System of a Down and Local H come out as well, while there is a punk song and one with 8bit beeps with a drum machine.    So in ways the variety of the songs by Flesh Narc is a bit easier to pick apart on "Narc It!" but the complexity of it still can't be done true justice with mere words.

There is also a bit on here about John Goodman and a pineapple.   I'm not sure what that's about, or if it is in reference to the short-lived television series "Apartment 23", but as much as I like to think of Mr. Goodman as being Dan on "Roseanne" I will always now think of him as being in "The Big Lebowski" for grown ups and as the voice of Sully for kids.   Strange how actors can do both, right?  Has anyone created a Sully dressed like Walter yet?  I might need to get into that.

[Editor's Note: It's a t-shirt!!!

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