Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Classic Cassette Review: The Motels "Danger!" (Capitol Records)

While this version of the cassette does not appear on the official website of The Motels there are copies floating around eBay at various prices so I can only assume it isn't all too rare but rather something seemingly more common since it was a re-release as well.    This is, essentially, the 1980 album by The Motels titled "Careful" (their second album) only repackaged with a new cover and new title for 1988.

I'm actually a big fan of little things like this- making an old album seem new again.   As a fan of The Motels, it would be almost inevitable that you would want this in your collection as well as "Careful" even though the music would be the same.     It's also something like this that somehow manages to work and have my interest in 2015 but possibly not so much back in the 1980's or 1990's even.

Could you imagine someone trying to pull this off now?   Even if not on a cassette but maybe as some other format that is seen as current or popular... Could you imagine let's say Flaming Lips for instance releasing an album on CD, vinyl and digital only to turn around eight years later and release it again only with a different cover and title?   People would be confused, but this seems like a good idea for the time that The Motels spent rocking (and still do) because they were seemingly always being introduced to new fans.

Fun Fact:  When this set of songs was released as "Careful" I was just born, hence not even a year old yet.    But when this was released on this particular cassette as "Danger!" I was already eight years old.    There is a big difference between being less than a year and eight years old believe me, I can speak from experience as my three year old dances around to this one but might not have cared earlier on in his life.

The music on here is what it is.   The Motels are one of those bands you either know or don't know and if you haven't heard them by now they're basically a band from the 1980's that went on into the 1990's so they have that sound that goes in with the music of the time, yet they were very ahead of their time as well as this seems to have a lot of No Doubt influence in it although Gwen Stefani would have only been twenty years old at the time of this release (so then not even a teen when originally released in 1980) and the first No Doubt album wouldn't come until twelve years after "Careful".

If you can't somehow find the songs of "Careful" or as they are called here "Danger!" on CD, cassette or otherwise for yourself second hand then they are always out there streaming somewhere, whether it be a YouTube video or simply if you go to Spotify.     The songs themselves have a great way of standing the tests of time and have become classics in my eyes and as such I feel it important to share this small bit of music history with you.   Use this newfound knowledge wisely, my friends.

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