Friday, February 6, 2015

CD Review: The Child of A Creek "Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies"

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After the first of the six tracks on "Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies" I began to realize that this was not only going to be instrumental but somewhat different from the other CD I listened to by The Child of A Creek.   Indeed it does remain instrumental throughout and it has an ambient-space vibe to it more than anything else.

It begins with ambient laser whirrs and space is simply the place.    Guitar notes and pianos kick in and this somewhat reminds me of the band Brazil who I believe doesn't create new music anymore but was still tops in their time.    Tinny, glass tones come out and then it begins to sound like something out of either 90210 or Law & Order.     The fourth song becomes somewhat dark and sad, like a Blue October number, but it picks up before the end with some flute ala Lord of the Rings.

Acoustic guitar notes do make themselves known here just not as prominently as they did on the other CD by The Child of A Creek.    It ends on crickets chirping, birds singing and an overall sound that could come from the jungle.    Through these symphonic songs comes a sense of relaxation though it is done with a tone of seriousness that makes you comfortable but not too comfortable.   I like it.

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