Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cassette Review: Tag Cloud "Overnight"

[$5 // https://tagcloud2.bandcamp.com/album/overnight]

As soon as I typed that other artists and labels should follow in the footsteps of Kassiopeia I checked out the Bandcamp page to link up this review and saw a similar idea.    There are technically four tracks on "Overnight" but only the first three are on Bandcamp and the fourth is one which you must buy the cassette to hear.   I tip my hat to Tag Cloud for that because it should hopefully compell people to purchase this cassette even if they don't share the same fondness as I do for the medium.

This is drone at its finest and it is also a lot of drone.    Side A is broken up into three pieces and the first two are similar in the way that they have this lightsaber sound to them, as they are slowly ringing throughout space and time.    They only ever so slightly change but when they do it is as waves.    There are also some slight ringing in another way on the second song which sounds like a cross between the idea of being on a barge and the dinner bell.  (Maybe I'm just hungry)  

The third track has more of a bagpipe sound coming out in drone but it also could be 8bit.    My mind wanders between having a classic Atari version of Shrek and the sound that it would make at the end, when he died and you ran out of lives (Fell in the pit one too many times) or just otherwise wondering what life would be like if a certain plumber was Scottish as opposed to stereotypical Italian.

Side B is made up on one long track that is equal in length to all three of what makes up Side A.     This is the one you have to actually buy the cassette to hear and rightfully so as if the first three were considered to be episodes of a television series then this one is the full major motion picture.     While combining elements of the first tracks there are also end notes of what can be only described as darkness, sinking into that void ala Nine Inch Nails' "The Fragile".

While I feel this is a given for fans of drone already, even if you don't like drone or just have mixed feelings about it you'll appreciate this at the very least on the fourth and final track which, yes, you do need to get the cassette to experience.  

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