Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cassette Review: Les Zerreurs "Les Zerreurs" (talking skull)

[$5 CAD // Edition of 80 // https://talkingskullmtl.bandcamp.com/album/ts010-les-zerreurs-les-zerreurs-2]

This is a four song EP of rock.    It hits hard and it hits fast.   Though there are songs with vocals there are also instrumental songs.   I want to tell you which ones exactly but don't want to spoil anything for you because the first time you hear this should be special for you in that way.

With elements of Cheap Trick come backings of Kim Wilde's melodies on "Kids In America".    This combines with vocals similar to High Pop in ways and then just the energy and unpredictable qualities of someone such as Tora Tora Torrance or The Lot Six.     There are slight hints of TSOL as well and this is just overall loud and bass line driven.

In some ways it feels like as quickly as you press play on this self-titled cassette from Les Zerreurs you'll find it stopping in your tape deck.    That's never been a bad thing for me though because the ride it gives you might be short but it is comparible with few and that brevity just means there is more time for you to take it again and again.

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