Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cassette Review: Orange Crush "Slow Motion Sunsets" (Illuminated Paths)

Back in 2013- which feels like forever ago- I heard a piece of music on Bandcamp by Orange Crush and was instantly taken in by it.   There in fact exists an Orange Crush interview on this very site.    Back then of course I was finding out what I wanted to do in terms of music reviews (and I eventually settled on primarily cassettes) so I had more time for digital reviews, but it is kind of fitting that Orange Crush and I would meet once again only this time on cassette.

There are dreamy tones on "Songs from a Shelf Life" and they also have somewhat of an oriental feel.    It has this overall peaceful and relaxing vibe to it that I like to think of as being on at either a massage parlor or day spa though I've never actually been to either.     Though don't let that fool you because there are some pretty big blasting beats here as well.

I can hear hints of an instrumental version of the band mae coming out as well as this just morphing into some form of a soundtrack from the 1980's (Though don't ask me to try and peg the movie) and just those synth in and out wows.     Remaining constantly dreamy, these slow jamz are calm enough to offer you up some down time yet not so soothing as to put you to sleep by any means.

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