Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cassette Review: blossom "while my heart gently weeps..."

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The first thing I feel the need to point out about this cassette is that it is hand made by the artist in the sense that the artwork will be unique for you and as someone who not only reviews cassettes but loves cassettes so much, this is kind of a big deal.    If you're out there as an artist and you want to put out a cassette yourself this is a nice, sort of personal touch to add to it that it seems like so few artists are doing but so many more could take advantage of and increase their presence by doing so.   There used to be a time where you could get a reputation just by releasing your music on a cassette but with that number ever growing this is a great way to offer people something truly special with your music.  (As opposed to being just another tape, and yes, "" should be a website for someone who wants to review cassettes)

The music on here is centered around what sound like alien whirrs mixed with sytar strings and the jingling of bells.     Some of these elements also bring out that theremin sound, which is always invited and seems like such a natural fit given the other surroundings.    It's somewhere between that live improv of Stephanie Lak and the bowl manipulation of Jay Peele.  (There actually could be bowls and the such used here, I don't know I didn't really peak behind the curtain)

Along with some sharp feedback at times the strings can begin to sound like banjos and a lot of this, especially on Side B, can come across as plucking.   With a brief bit of muffled static there is also whistling but overall this maintains its original sound so well that you will be impressed by it being able to do so without growing tired or repetitive.

While I am hesitant to call this ambient it does have that quality that allows you to not only hear this music but also to feel it and engage in a reaction to it in that sense, which is what I believe to be the basis of ambient music on some level.    What blossom does here is described best as peaceful doom.   I realize that when doom is coming and it seems like it's going to take you down sooner rather than later it's going to be anything but peaceful.   The very idea of doom makes you think of panic and chaos, so how can it be peaceful?   I don't really have an answer for that and there is no cliche like the calm *during* the storm, so you have to just experience this for yourself to find out.

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