Thursday, January 29, 2015

Television Review: Galavant Deserves a Second Season

While I don't remember what had me watching ABC to begin with (Was it the NFL?) I do remember seeing commercials for "Galavant" last year thinking that when that show debuted I was going to have to watch it.   It wasn't just because of the promised guest appearances by John Stamos and Weird Al (which delivered nicely) but because- and I'm going to say this a few more times in at least two more television shows I review- this is just unlike anything else on television right now.

Not everything about being different is always good, but when you have things like NCIS on television and shows like them that just go off into different subsections it can get a bit tiring.   I actually did see a commercial recently for a new NCIS (At least I think it was) that had Patricia Arquette in it and if it wasn't for legal reasons I bet they would have just named it "NCIS: Medium" because that's certainly the impression it gave.

So what is it about this show that works?   It's the comedy.    It's Monty Python mixed with "Robin Hood: Men In Tights".    Sure, there's singing (and A LOT of singing) but if it doesn't bother me then it certainly shouldn't bother you.   I really (and I mean REALLY) detest when singing in placed into shows or movies and it is supposed to act as regular dialogue or otherwise.   It always takes me out of whatever I'm watching because it makes me wonder what the other characters are doing.   Can they hear the singing too?  If so, then why does no one question where the accompanying music is coming from?

These are all questions that you can think far too much about (and I know that I have in other situations.   I really do not like the movie "Frozen" and every time that Disney Princess asks if I want to build a snow man I just want to scream no in her animated face, find her snow man pal and set him on fire) but what it comes down to is that this is a comedy so logic somewhat needs to just be thrown out of the window.    

After eight episodes I have an investment in these characters as so much that I want to know what happens to them and would like to see a second season for "Galavant".    That might not seem like much but it's more than I can say for the majority of shows currently on television.  

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